Personal Data Statement

The “Personal Data Statement” is a declaration of Money Forward’s philosophy (*2) regarding the handling of personal data (*1), which is not limited to personal information as defined by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, but covers all data related to our users.


Since our founding, we have been committed to our mission of “Money Forward. Move your life forward” and aim to contribute to the creation of a better society by dramatically enriching the lives of our users through the provision of services that enable them to “see money in a positive light and broaden their range of opportunities.” To achieve this mission, our vision is to build an open and fair “financial platform” and to solve financial issues for all people by providing essential services.


We shall not be complacent with the status quo and shall use the power of personal data and technology to create and deliver unprecedented services and functions to our users, thereby dramatically solving any financial issues they may have. We hope to create, together with our users, a life and society that is richer than it is today by seeing money in a positive light.


In order to achieve our mission and vision, we believe it is important to utilize personal data of our users while protecting their privacy. Therefore, we hereby declare our policy regarding personal data.

*1 Personal data includes data that can identify individuals, such as personal information and personal data, as well as information about individuals, such as cookie information, IP addresses, device identification IDs, and other identifier information, and log information related to Internet usage, such as location information and browsing history. Personal data does not include statistical information and other information that does not include personally identifiable data.

*2 The Personal Data Statement covers data in services for general consumer users. The philosophy regarding the handling of data in services for business users will be announced in the future. We will continue to handle the personal information of business users appropriately in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and our “Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy),” “Handling of Personal Information,” and “Basic Policy for Information Security (Security Policy).”


01 Respecting the Wishes of Our Users

  • We will respect the wishes of our users with respect to their personal data and handle it with integrity.

  • When we use data that can identify specific individuals, we will, as a rule, clearly indicate the purpose of use to the users in advance, obtain their consent for such use, and handle the data in accordance with the purpose of use for which they have given their consent.

  • When we use personal data, we will strive to explain it using expressions and illustrations that are easy to understand so that users can understand it without difficulty.


02 Providing Value to Our Users and Solving Social Issues

  • We will use personal data of our users to provide more value to them through the provision and improvement of our services, and to help solve financial issues for our users and society.

  • We may provide personal data or anonymized or statistically processed data to third parties (including academic research institutions and public organizations) in order to provide value to our users and to help solve problems faced by users and society. When we provide data, we will do so in an appropriate manner (for example, by confirming in advance that the recipient is capable of handling the data appropriately and by contractually restricting the recipient’s use of the data), depending on the nature of the data to be provided and the manner in which the data is provided.


03 Storing and Protecting Personal Data Properly and Securely

  • We believe it is essential to handle our users’ important personal data properly and safely, and we will do our best to store and protect it. We will also comply with the Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) and the Basic Policy for Information Security (Security Policy) to ensure thorough management of personal data and take appropriate protective measures against the risk of leakage, etc.
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  • We make it a top priority to take sufficient measures to prevent incidents and accidents such as unauthorized access to personal data and leakage of personal data.