Bridge Engineer with Japanese proficiency

Now we don't have Bridge engineers. In most cases, we can communicate directly in English between the product owner/a designer and the engineers, and even if we use Japanese or Vietnamese, the accelerators support us.
However, in some cases, If the technology and the Japanese are tightly coupled, or if there is no engineer on the Japan side, it's not enough. Several teams are exhausted.
To prevent this situation, to protect members, we will hire Bridge engineers!

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • English-speaking environment
  • Motivate members to improve user-focused products
  • Truly value members' thoughts and opinions

Job Description

  • Devide the technology and the Japanese are tightly coupled into simple tasks
  • Explain the feature based on Japanese Business customs


  • More than 1 year of experience as Bridge Engineer or Communicator with people in Japan in Japanese. Both speaking, listening, and reading.
  • Language: Japanese (N2 or above, especially reading Kanji) and English (limited working proficiency)
  • More than 1 year of experience in web development (we will have a coding challenge, you can choose 1 programing language from Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Node.js, Golang, Rustlang, Swift, Kotlin)

Why it would be awesome to work with us

About our parent company, Money Forward, Inc.
  • Top fintech company in Japan
  • Listed on Market of the high-growth and emerging stocks of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • A ruby committer belongs to our company
  • Provides B2C services, a personal financial management service “Money Forward ME”, which has 11 million users in Japan and No. 1 market share in Japan
  • Provides B2B services, “MF Cloud Series”, SaaS-type service platform for businesses, providing comprehensive services for back office operations
About Money Forward Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • 100% Japanese company
  • Opportunities to create services for Vietnamese market, Southeast Asian market, world market
  • English-speaking environment
  • Interesting Engineering Projects
    • Develop brand-new services related finance services, back office operation (Saas)
    • Develop new features in personal financial management service in Japan


  • Salary review:Twice a year
  • Bonus:13th-month salary
  • Paid leave:Additional 3-day vacation (15 days in total), Maternity leave for partner (extra 5 days)
  • Awards:Monthly Culture Hero, Half-year MVP for excellent members
  • Activities:Company trip, Year-end party, Half-year party, team-building, happy hour, etc...
  • Devices:MacBook Pro + Dell Monitor
  • Working hour:Monday to Friday (working hour starts from 8am to 9am)
  • Health care:Annual health check
  • Insurance:
    • Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance (company will pay for full salary)
    • Voluntary health insurance & accident insurance (Bao Viet Tokio Marine Insurance 24/7)
  • Training:
    • External or internal training courses
    • Internal workshop
    • Support Attending Conference
    • Scrum training
    • Order books based on member's requests
  • Others:
    • Grab expenses on the party day
    • Club activities, playstation, billiard, etc…
    • Free bike parking, fruits and coffee

Apply now

Please send your CV to to apply for this position.