1. How about interview flow at Money Forward Vietnam (MFV)?

After receiving your CV, we will carry out this 3-step interview:

  • Step 1: Check CV - Request GitHub account and ask your expected salary.
  • Step 2: MFV sends coding test through your GitHub account to do the test at home.
  • Step 3: If you pass the exam, MFV would like to invite you for an interview at our office.

2. How many rounds are there in MFV's interview process?

We have ONLY 1 round in our interview at MFV office.

3. Which language will be used in the interview?

We use English. But don't worry! We do have language supporter if needed.

4. What should I wear to the interview at MFV?

We don't judge candidates by their look! You can wear whatever you want. T-shirt and jeans are okay!

5. Which programing language/framework must I use in the coding test?

The programing language/framework depends on the position that you apply, such as:

  • Rails Engineer: Ruby
  • iOS Engineer: Swift
  • Android Engineer: Kotlin
  • Golang Engineer: Golang
  • Site Reliability Engineer: Ruby or Python or Node.js
  • Frontend Engineer: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js/Vue.js/Angular
  • Python Engineer: Python, Django/Django REST

6. How long is the coding test?

The estimated time for the coding test depends on each position that we recruit. Detailed information as below:

  • Rails Engineer: 30 minutes
  • iOS Engineer: 60 minutes
  • Android Engineer: 60 minutes
  • Golang Engineer: 60 minutes
  • Site Reliability Engineer: 30 minutes
  • Frontend Engineer: 60 minutes
  • Python Engineer: 60 minutes

In addition, we also have deadline for the coding test. So don't forget to complete the test before the deadline!

7. Does MFV accept other programing languages (except RoRs) when applying to Backend Ruby?


If you don't have experience on Ruby, but you are good at Java, PHP or NodeJS, and willing to start working with Ruby, you are very welcome.

If you don't have enough experience, you can also apply for this job! (You will be a Junior Engineer or a Middle Engineer)

8. When will I receive the result of the interview?

Within 03 working days after the interview, HR Department will send email to inform you the result.